Thursday Aug 11, 2022

Backcountry Duffle Bag by Mosko Moto

Have you ever heard of the Mosko Backcountry Duffle Bag? You probably did. Well, I heard a lot about it last year and bought it recently to satisfy my curiosity.

Well, I must admit that I am happily surprised! The Mosko Moto backcountry duffle bag is indeed an indispensable piece of luggage, whether you want to use it for your daily trip or for a longer trip.

The Backcountry bag is beautifully designed and very sturdy. It is made of 22oz PVC and ballistic nylon materials, which makes it abrasion resistant and waterproof.

To satisfy my curiosity even more, I did an experiment and left the bag outside for two hours on a rainy day. Guess what? My belongings were dry as the desert when I opened the bag! When Mosko Moto says your bag is 100% waterproof, you’re serious.

Is the Mosko Moto Duffle ideal for long distance travel?

The Mosko Moto duffle is also one of the bags I carried with me during the Women Riders World Relay last September. 2019. I needed a waterproof luggage in which I could hold most of my clothes, equipment and other items and which was waterproof enough to keep all my clothes dry throughout the trip. The duffle Backcountry bag passed the ultimate waterproof test during the Women Riders World Relay, as it rained non-stop the first 3 days of the trip.

Learn more about the world women Riders relay here

The Backcountry duffle is one of the bags you want for short or long trips. The only drawback of this large soft luggage is that if you have to leave your bike for more than 30 minutes, for example, you have to remove the bag and carry it with you, so that no one steals it, while in difficult matter you would just lock the suitcases and leave.

That being said, I was very happy to have this travel bag for the Women Riders World Relay on the back of my bike and would recommend it to anyone on a motorcycle trip.

Other Functions

The rugged and waterproof design are undoubtedly the main features of this bag, but that’s not all. This versatile and spacious soft luggage opens on both sides. This allows easy access to your equipment from one side of the bag or another. It also prevents you from detaching the bag from the bike, which is fantastic.

On the top there are two flaps that compact or expand your Duffle Bag. Inside the Beavertails, there are two pockets: a mesh pocket for your passport or any other type of document and a larger transparent pocket for your maps or itinerary.

There is even more behind it. Inside one of the Beavertails is an elongated pocket for your tent rods, fishing rods or other elongated equipment, which is very convenient!

The Duffle is easy to move and quickly mount on your bike. It also fits almost any bike, which is great. You must either purchase the recommended Mosko Backcountry Cinch straps or other types of straps to secure the bag on your bike. Unfortunately, this Mosko bag does not come with you.

The Mosko Backcountry duffle is available in two sizes: a 40L version and a 30L version. I went with the 40L, as I am always worried about running out of space for my equipment. I was quite surprised by the height and weight. As it is made of durable materials, it is expected to be a little heavier than normal soft luggage.

The Mosko Backcountry Duffle bag can also be used as a backpack. When you unzip the back part, two backpack straps are available. It is very convenient if you want to carry your equipment away from your bike.

However, I do not suggest you climb Mount Everest, because it is not necessarily comfortable enough. If you’re 5 ‘ 3 ” like me, after a while it gets a little heavy on your shoulders.

That being said, it’s nice to have the option to carry it as a backpack when you park your bike and leave for a while.

If you opt for the 30L Backcountry Duffle, you can also use it as a travel bag, as it follows the airline’s usual carry-on restrictions. The 40 L measures approximately 26 “x 16″ x 10”, so it unfortunately does not fit the airline’s carry-on restrictions.

But! If you are like me, you already have a lot of Bags, Suitcases and so on that you can use as hand luggage.

This soft motorcycle luggage from Mosko Moto is very practical, functional, durable, durable and waterproof. If you buy the Mosko Backcountry duffle Bag, you’ll probably have it for years. It exceeded my expectations overall.

Trina A. Truitt

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