Thursday Aug 11, 2022

Alexander Skarsgård Impressive Looks In The Northman

Alexander Skarsgård has taken on bodily demanding roles in the past. I mean, man played Tarzan for God’s sake. But even this film seems to be a no-brainer compared to his work in the Northman. Robert Eggers Viking epic sounds incredibly intense, and Skarsgård seems perfect for the main role. The actor suffered a “crazy” transformation for work, but this is only part of what was necessary on the body level. He also had to be ” chained “and” pulled “, which led to some difficulties.

In the Northman, Alexander Skarsgård plays a Viking prince named Amleth, who wants to avenge the pass away of his father, who was finished by his uncle. The trailer teases that at some point the human being is trapped in the epic narrative and that the protagonist is certainly suffering in captivity. And as you might expect, it was not easy for Skarsgård to present this on the screen. The actor recently met our sister site, Total Film, and explained why the movie is “the hardest job” he’s ever had:

Although I have never been personally chained or dragged into the sale, I will take the word of the star that such things make a humiliating experience.

What is especially interesting is that the performer jumped on the film from HBO estate. The gritty age of the Vikings is definitely an abrupt departure from the world of chic, but inadmissible enterprise. Nevertheless, the actor seems to have enjoyed the opportunity to play in both worlds.

As for the Northman, Robert Eggers (known for his work on the black and white horror film the Lighthouse) really challenged his actors. They all seemed up to the challenge despite the obstacles. And while speaking to Total Film, Eggers revealed that Anya Taylor-Joy was succeeding in a spectacular way. Although she remembers a certain day that really talks about the perils of filming the film:

It will be exciting to see how the story unfolds when the movie finally comes out. For the viewers, this should be a truly captivating experience, which film fans should appreciate all the more for the challenges that Alexander Skarsgård and co faces.

One of the biggest new movie releases of 2022, the Northman, will hit theaters on April 22nd. If you want to get a feel for Robert Eggers’ work while waiting, the Lighthouse is available with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Trina A. Truitt

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